5 Ways To Clear Your Mind

5 Ways To Clear Your Mind

Have you ever had so much going through your mind that you were just so overwhelmed and stressed out?  Having too many thoughts can surely cause much grief, especially when those thoughts are interfering with your daily life and activities.

We are in control of our minds and fortunately, we can de-clutter the unnecessary noise.

So without further ado…. Here are 5 ways to clear your mind!

Decide Whether These Thoughts Are Necessary

Are these thoughts essential to your daily functioning? If not, you may want to think about letting them go. Now before we go further, we have to know that the thoughts are not necessarily going to vanish but how you control these thoughts will make the difference.

So what to do you ask?

Well, Alex Lluch, author of Secrets to Love Life and Be Happy advises correcting an undesirable situation and taking 15 minutes a day to focus on things that will decompress these thoughts that cause stress.

Weed Out The Root Issue

Try to arrange the things in your life causing chaos in a way that will allow you to feel at ease. This may mean saying no to certain things and/or changing the situation or atmosphere to your liking.

Our bodies will tell us whether we need to change something and many times we should listen to this inner discomfort tugging at us.

So, it’s not about trying to stop these thoughts (Which will make things worse by the way) but it’s about identifying why these thoughts are occurring.

Walk Away From Your Stressors

Sometimes we just have to get up and walk away. Sounds pretty simple huh? Well, it is… we need to take a break and come back when ready. This will allow us to clear our minds and become more productive as a result.

Stephen Fabick, EdD, clinical and consulting psychologist in private practice in Birmingham, Mich., says, “People who are really stressed out about a problem tend to obsess over it”. So diverting your focus and getting away from a situation will save your mind and your health from extreme pressure.

So, pick up a book, go for a walk, and decide to release certain stressors. This will clear your mind and allow you to focus on more important things.

Get Involved With A Greater Cause

There are few things in life that make us feel as good as when we are helping someone else or contributing in some way to society. We not only feel better but we are not so focused on our problems (Someone out there has it worse).

There is a saying, “Making money is a happiness; making other people happy is a super happiness —Nobel Peace Prize recipient Muhammad Yunus.

So get involved with a greater cause and you may see your mind getting rid of the things that just don’t matter! We just feel so good inside when we make someone else feel good inside.

Find Someone Who Can Help

If all else doesn’t go as well for de-cluttering your mind, there are always people out there that are willing to help you turn your focus elsewhere. Psychologists/Psychiatrists do this for a living but there are other people who you may benefit from listening to as well.

Sometimes we just need someone to talk to and it may put things into perspective which is beneficial and it can be a great habit forming process if consistent.

Clearing the mind takes focus and dedication but if when we realize how beneficial it is for our health, we should be motivated to take the necessary steps.

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