What A Mindful Moment Looks Like

Too many people are stuck on the idea that Mindful Living and Mindfulness are WooWoo/New Age/Spiritual not Religious. They’re wrong. Mindful Living is based on the

3 Mindfulness Techniques to Reduce Stress

What do you think when you someone says you should practice mindfulness? There’s a good chance you think:  meditation, possibly long stretches of awkward silence,

Practicing Mindfulness as a Nighttime Routine

Evenings are an ideal time for practicing mindfulness. With the day behind you and the promise of a good night’s sleep ahead, you can unwind,

Starting a New Mindful Morning Routine

The way you begin your day has a significant impact on the way the rest of your day goes. If you start your day on

How to Journal for Mindfulness

Mindfulness has the potential to transform your life. It can help you become more productive, more content, and less stressed. Journaling is a great way

Use These Mindfulness Practices Every Day

Are you happy with how much you accomplish every day? If not, mindfulness might be the key to better productivity. These five mindfulness practices can

The Benefits Of Simplifying Your Life

Simplicity… something that we all need a bit more of! Sometimes the complexity of things is too overwhelming there’s not much to be desired when