Mental Energy: What Is It And How To Get It

Mental Energy: What Is It And How To Get It

Having healthy amounts of mental energy increases confidence, concentration, focus, happiness, motivation and can greatly boost productivity.

Who doesn’t want more mental energy?

It’s an amazing thing but many of us settle for the things that bring us down mentally. Or many people will claim to be too busy to search for this inner energy that is available to us all.

To put it simply, mental energy is related in some way to the blueprint that we have for our lives. Like mental contrast where we determine what we really want and where we are currently.

Let’s focus on what mental energy is and how you can achieve it.

What Exactly Is Mental Energy?

Hint: It is very necessary for all things happy and confident within yourself. There is great information about mental energy in the February 2014 issue of Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin by Timur Sevincer, Daniel Busatta, and Gabriele Oettingen.

This information explains “mental contrast and its effects on mental energy.” Their studies found there is a physiological response to mental energy.

 This is good news for many people, as many of the reasons for our lack of mental energy are directly correlated to our minds and our belief systems.

When we have mental energy, we develop a new level of joy, confidence, well-being, motivation etc.

How Can You Get This Mental Energy?

There are many ways to get mental energy…

  • Create energy with your body (Be upbeat about your life)
  • Be thankful for the things you have and the progress you’ve made
  • Do what you want to do!
  • Give something (Contribute to a greater cause than yourself)
  • Have amazing goals
  • Exercise more
  • Stay hydrated
  • Sleep more
  • Eat better

These are some of the many ways you can create mental energy for yourself. When your ideas of how your life should be line up with your efforts and results, you’ll create all the mental energy you need!

There’s so much that goes into maintaining and even further increasing this energy (Don’t just think it’ll keep creating itself).

According to Dr. Paul Nussbaum, the way to increase mental energy is to get “blood flowing to the brain through movement”.

He says, “Fresh air can rejuvenate a sluggish brain” and that sugar can cause tiredness and caffeine can cause you to crash mentally later in the day.

The Importance Of Mental Energy

Mental energy plays a big role in how we feel and how we get through each day. Without it, we would feel like zombies (Many of us do) and we would essentially accomplish little to nothing relating to our short and long-term goals.

Sure we can function but to do it optimally requires mental energy.

Want to be more creative? (We all do) well, that requires mental energy.

What about visualization? See how essential mental energy is? Energy is required for every process in our bodies and our minds are no different.

Do You Want Mental Energy?

Hopefully, after reading through the information about what it is and why you need it, you’ll be dying to Increase or create mental energy for yourself. The great part about it is it’s free, you don’t need drugs to experience it and it’ll increase your overall health and probably increase your lifespan.

All you need is the knowledge (We have provided that) of knowing that it’s an amazing thing and will benefit you in more way than you could imagine!

So… follow these simple ways to increase your mental energy (It takes a little effort but it’s worth it) and you’ll feel like a completely different person.

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