Six Reasons to Turn Off All Technology for a While

Six Reasons to Turn Off All Technology for a While

The idea of powering down for a designated period each day, whether it’s for family dinner or game night or just to allow yourself to unwind a little more easily, there are a lot of benefits to removing technology from your life for a short period of time each day. In this article, we’ll walk you through a few of those benefits.

1) Dedicated tech-free friend or family time can improve relationships

The more electronically connected we are, the more distracted we become from those around us. This causes us to lose out on quality time with those we love.

Being more present during activities with family or friends can provide you with memories that you’ll cherish when there’s no longer enough time available to spend together, help you build stronger and longer lasting friendships and relationships, and can allow you to be a more attentive and active friend and family member.

According to Psychology Today, the unhealthy obsession we tend to have when using the internet, updating social media and keeping check on our devices.

2) It’s good for your eyes

It’s become common knowledge that staring at LCD screens for long periods of time is harmful to your eyes, especially if you’re sitting at a close distance to the computer or television. Turning off all technology every once in a while for a significant amount of time can give your eyes and brain a must-needed break.

We recommend starting with removing technology for one hour each week to start and eventually upgrading to cutting out an hour each day and increasing if desired.

3) It promotes good sleep habits

It’s been proven that removing the use of technology like television, gaming consoles, computers, tablets, phones, etc. from your activity at least one hour before bed can improve your sleep habits, thus improving your mood, attentiveness, and learning retention.

4) It allows you to relax and unwind more easily

Technology has a tendency to keep you slightly distracted, a small piece of your mind always wondering if you have a notification or if you’re missing some fascinating or important update. Unplugging from all technology for, say, an hour each day can help you relax better, unwind more easily, and meditate more effectively.

5) It allows you to get better in touch with yourself

More and more people are filling their free time or a few moments of solitude with time spent doddling on their phone. Not only does this take away from time spent with yourself and in reflection, but it also replaces it with a mindless and potentially unhealthy habit for the health of your brain.

Shutting off all technology for a designated time each day provides you with a specific time to spend in personal reflection.

6) It provides you with meditation time

If you’ve been wanting to try the restorative potential meditation has to offer but can’t find the time, cutting off technology for a designated time each day can provide you with that time. It also allows you to try meditation distraction-free, letting you get better in touch with yourself and achieve better relaxation and clarity without any distractions at all.

Powering down your technology for a designated amount of time each day can offer you quite a few benefits, some of which can even be long-term. It can also be better for your overall mental health to step away from all technology for a designated period of time.

We hope that the few reasons we’ve given you have persuaded you to take some time away from technology in your daily life.

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