The Benefits Of Simplifying Your Life

The Benefits Of Simplifying Your Life

Simplicity… something that we all need a bit more of! Sometimes the complexity of things is too overwhelming there’s not much to be desired when things are just too difficult.

Well if some things are better done in a simple manner, then it’s probably better to keep it that way (As long as it works just as well as its complex counterpart).

Some people have simple homes, simple cars, styles etc.  

There are pros to living this way and the way you choose to live is your choice, but we thought we’d mention some of the benefits of simplifying your life!

Less Stress and Anxiety

Yep… you read correctly. By having fewer things and saying no more, you’ll lessen the chances of stress and anxiety wreaking havoc on your mind and body.

When we are worried about too many things, our bodies’ cortisol levels increase, causing all sorts of problems, like weight gain, cardiovascular disease etc.

Nobody likes to deal with chronics stress and living more simply can contribute to the decrease and prevention of it. For instance, you’re not running around trying to please people but rather realizing your simple needs and tending to them.

The need to please and be accepted is anything but simple and our minds are not made for more stress than just being ourselves.

You’ll Be More Content

In many cases, the more we have the more we want. A related study showed that in the United States, “emotions leveled off at around $75,000 a year,” showing the correlation between happiness and income.

You won’t need the bigger, better and latest technology because living simple also involves saving money. This brings us to the next benefit of simplifying our lives…

Saving Some Money!

Who isn’t in favor of saving some more money? I don’t think many would be opposed but that is one of the great benefits to living simply.

We need money and that is a fact of life. Now it doesn’t create happiness but it sure helps on those days when you’d like to just have some extra to pay some bills or purchase a necessity.

With all the newest and greatest technology, cars, or anything that requires taking out a loan (It is possible to live beyond your means and many do) it’s tempting to want to spend.  There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and then but do it smart.

If you do it simple…

You may just be able to spend a little when the time comes (See, you don’t have to go overboard with the savings all the time)! You’ll be a better person because of it

Psychology Today found that small talk amongst coworker can increase productivity because of the community feeling that is established with interaction.

This contributes to happiness and more meaningful relationships.

This is better than using technology in order to pass the time or ignoring face to face communication.

Therefore you’ll develop interpersonal skills and be able to engage in an in-person conversation (Much of the people today struggle with this). This is very valuable in any relationship you plan to develop and’/or maintain.

So to live a more simplistic life, maybe consider:

  • Getting rid of physical things that you have no use for
  • Only saying yes to what matters
  • Eliminate technology usage
  • Become more personable and realize that life is meant for relationship building through face to face interaction

If you follow these tips and decide live simpler, you’ll see the many benefits and you’ll probably learn a lot about yourself in the process!

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