Guest Blog Post Guidelines

Guest Blog Post Guidelines

Hey there! Thank you for wanting to write a guest post for the MindfulPortal.com blog.

If you haven’t already, I ask that you read some of the content on the blog and check out the About page.

First, I recommend that you check out Neil Patel’s article on ProBlogger about how to prepare a quality guest post >>>https://problogger.com/a-quick-and-dirty-guide-to-your-first-guest-post/<<<

Okay, now that you’re back, here are the guidelines I want you to follow so that your guest blog post is beneficial for you and for me.

A Word About My Audience

My audience loves to learn about mindfulness and how to live a mindful life while living in a busy world. Your guest post should teach them something that they can put to use right away in their lives.

I am looking for stories that show how mindfulness can enrich our lives and the lives of those around us. These stories can be in the form of an essay, a short (500 words or less) or long (500 words or more) blog post. Personal experience stories are always welcomed.

Write me a pitch:

Send an email to info @ mindfulportal.com
Show me, with links, where you’ve posted elsewhere online (magazine, blog, articles, etc.)
Outline what you want to share – category, headline with keyword, summary
Sign off with your name, website/blog URL

If you want to submit something you’ve published elsewhere:

Please be sure it’s okay to have your piece published on the site. Check the guidelines of the first site.
Tell me this is published elsewhere and give me the URL.

When Your Pitch Is Accepted

I’ll contact you by email and let you know I’m interested in having you post. I’ll give you a link to a shared Google Folder so you can upload your post there.

I will review, edit as needed, format it, and upload to the blog. If you have an image you would like used as the Feature Image, that may or may not be used. I have full editorial and discretionary authority.

Include a 50 word or less author bio with 1 link to your website/blog. No affiliate links are allowed on any post you submit.

Your post will be placed on a social media sharing cycle and shared to 2 different Facebook Pages related to Mindful Living and Personal Development, LinkedIN, and Twitter. It will also be shared to the email subscribers list.

I expect you to share your guest post to your network on social media, your email list, and elsewhere online if possible.

Want To Be A Regular Contributor?

If, after you’ve guest posted a few times and decide that you’d like to be a regular contributor, let me know and we’ll have a 1:1 video chat about what that looks like.