What A Mindful Moment Looks Like

What A Mindful Moment Looks Like

Too many people are stuck on the idea that Mindful Living and Mindfulness are WooWoo/New Age/Spiritual not Religious.

They’re wrong.

Mindful Living is based on the concept of being conscious and aware of what we are doing, why we’re doing it, and how we’re doing it.

For those who are overwhelmed with busywork, who are seeking a moment of peace in a day of chaos, who are looking for a way to calm themselves when things around them get out of control, I offer this example to show you what a mindful moment looks like:

mindful living take a breath, take a moment

When I feel a strong emotion – anger, joy, sadness – I pause, take a breath, mentally take a step back (sometimes physically) and use that moment to determine what I’m feeling and why and what the outward action should be.

As I feel the emotion, I attempt to identify where it is sitting in my body. If its gut level, heart, tight shoulders, etc. This helps me to discern whether it’s fear based or value/belief based and that, combined with the question “how important is it?” determines my next action.

Anger: fear based is when I feel threatened and want to strike out with words or fists (bully, attacker, gang/mob), value/belief based is when I see or experience something that I believe is immoral or wrong (lie, cheat, steal).

Sometimes I walk away from the situation I’m reacting to.

Sometimes I speak up and attempt to have a conversation with the other person.

Sometimes I take charge and take the action necessary for that situation.

Sometimes I walk away with the knowledge that I will return when I’m able to think clearly.


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